How to Choose the Right Window and Door Replacement Company

Choosing a company to replace your windows and doors is like choosing one candy in a shop that offers one hundred varieties.  Windows and doors come in a wide assortment shapes, sizes, qualities and materials.  They price range from $189 – $1,200 for a double hung window.  Companies will quote prices based partly on the products you choose, and partly on the labor involved to complete the project.

Wood is elegant and still one of the most desirable framing materials, but frames have taken on a new dimension.  Although thicker, which means they allowing a narrower window view, vinyl will give you some of the cheapest costs for a high-quality frame.  Other options in the lower cost bracket are aluminum, fiberglass and composites.

Windows also have a variety of considerations.  They can be tinted, causing the color to change how you view your home, double or triple paned, or laminated for security reasons.  There is the matter of clarity.  The purer the glass, the more expensive it will be.

Most companies will claim to be the best.  The first thing you should check is their warranty.  You may have opted for the cheapest installer, but if quality materials weren’t used, along with high skill levels among the crew, you may be having to re-install your windows and doors again just a few years down the line.  Look for a company that warranty’s the installation for life.  That company has professional workers and the full confidence of the employers.

Have a clear idea of how you want your new windows and doors to look.  If it’s a simple replacement, there are a large number of companies that can satisfy your need, but if it requires alterations to the building structure, you will have to narrow your search to companies that also have expertise in construction.

Cheaper usually means lesser quality, but sometimes it can mean practicality.  If you have an older home that has not been recently renovated, if it shows signs of weakening structural integrity, such as leaks and mold, you may not wish to replace your windows and doors with the best of the best.  However, if you own a newer home, or are doing a complete make-over, invest in a company that uses high quality materials and energy efficient methods.  The energy efficiency may never balance out to the cost of the installation, but it will add greatly to your home comfort, with fewer drafts and less maintenance.

The best company for replacing your windows and doors is that one that will work exactly to your specifications.  Do your homework on the type of products offered so you’ll know exactly what materials you want used, thickness, color and clarity of  your window panes, color design and density of your doors.  Choose a company that caters to your specific needs and will replace your windows and doors skillfully and efficiently.  All companies will say they are the best.  You will need to decide which company is the best for you.

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