Windows Alpharetta

Living in Alpharetta? In need of new windows or doors? Look no further. Every home deserves its day at the spa. Every home needs to be spoiled from time to time by being refreshed.

At American Choice Windows, we offer more than spoils. We are a collective of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who will treat your home with the utmost respect. We are not here to simply spoil your home. We are here to improve your home’s energy efficiency, raise your home’s value, while adding to its aesthetics.

Interested in learning more about energy efficiency and positive environmental changes? Give us a call or submit an online form and one of our reps will contact you to discuss your query.

Windows Replacement Alpharetta

ACW’s green initiative has dedicated its resources on educating the average home owner about energy consumption. We are not here just to sell you windows or doors. We are here to help you understand the long term benefits of window and door replacements.

Meeting up with one of our reps for a free consultation sets you on the right track, whether or not you decide to do any renovations in your home. This initial step will give you enough good information to make an objective decision regarding the immediate needs of your home. Realizing how much money you could be saving on your monthly energy bills will help you appreciate our free in-home service.

Ever wondered about technical terms such as Low E, R and U values, and what they actually mean? Searching the internet and related literature can be dubious and time consuming. Booking a free in-home consultation is educational, straight to the point and helpful. We won’t fill your head with technological concepts and outdated terminology. Unless, you asks us to.

Windows Installation Alpharetta

If you do choose our product we will make sure that you get great customer service and an installation to kill for! Well, not literally, just figuratively.

It is essential to know that unlike other companies, we do not subcontract our installations. We employ professional installation crews and we make sure they are all certified and up to date with the latest technology and installation trends. Subcontracting can end up dreadfully for all parties involved. Just imagine if something is to go wrong with the installation or the product. You would have to go after the company, which would have to go after their subcontractors. This can take ages to settle even the tiniest dispute.

Our installations come with a lifetime warranty. We know our installers well enough to be able to guarantee their work.

Windows and Doors in Alpharetta

Speaking of lifetime warranty, all of our products have it. This is one of many perks that you get with American Choice Windows. We have one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business, and we are not shy to wave it in our competitors’ faces!

Handles, latches, glass units, you name it, we warranty it!