Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows: Clean, Convenient, and Beautiful

Many people stuck with old fashioned windows do not realize that newer, double hung windows technologies offer many advantages. Without a question, if you need to replace existing windows, double hung versions are worth looking into.

Aside from offering superior insulative properties, double hung windows will also help you save money in the long term.

Save on the Cleaning Bill with Double Hung Windows

Do you avoid looking at the second story of your home because you know the windows up there are grimy and ugly? If so, then you already know how expensive it can be to hire a window washer every few months. With double hang windows this problem won’t exist.

On the other hand, double hung windows offer the following advantage:

* When the exterior pane needs cleaning, simply fold the window inward and clean
* Double panes reduce pollen and other dust leaching into the home
* Special UV protect glass can help save furniture and carpets that bleach in the sun
* Never worry about trying to climb a ladder to clean second floor windows
* Choose vinyl frames for easier management of exterior trim cleaning

Save Money on the Cooling Bill with Double Hung Windows

Most windows with a top and bottom section will only allow you half the window for breeze access. By contrast, you can always open both halves of a double hung window and tilt them inward to get more air circulating into the home.

Additionally, if you are interested in lowering cooling costs, you can use bigger fans in front of the window to create an even bigger draft. Needless to say, if you make “do it yourself” projects a hobby, you will want to look for ways to increase the cooling efficiency of these windows– in combination with fans and dehumidifiers. Boasting impeccable features, these windows are definitely a class apart.

There is no question that choosing the best windows is very important for maintaining a comfortable and appealing home. Why not find out more about double hung windows and all the money you can save by installing them instead of conventional models?