Single Hung Windows


Sliding hung windows are what you find in most homes these days. The design allows for many sizes of windows that can be opened with one hand, sliding vertically or horizontally.

Nuts and Bolts

Sliding hung windows come in different varieties. The basic design is a frame with two sashes (window panes) and they slide up and down on a track to allow ventilation. On single-hung windows, the top sash is fixed in place, and the bottom sash slides up and down. With double-hung windows, both sashes slide.

Hung windows can also slide side-to-side on a track inside the frame. Options for this type of window include single slider with one movable sash, two sliders, where both sashes move, and the three slider option, which has a fixed picture window in the center and movable sliders on the ends.

Pros and Cons

Sliding hung windows are found in most homes, but there are factors to consider when choosing this type of window for the home.

On the pro side, the sliding hung window looks great in any room of a home. The design makes them easy to access, and they open and close easily. These windows provide plenty of ventilation, and the sliding sashes don’t take up space inside or outside the home when they are open.

Unfortunately, sliding hung windows might not be the most energy efficient choice for homeowners. They have a tendency to leak more air into the home. Cleaning these windows is difficult, because they have to be cleaned from the inside and from the outside, and the outside screen has to be removed.

Bottom Line

Sliding hung windows are convenient and come in many sizes to provide a good fit for any room. They take a little effort to clean, but the ease of use and the fact that the windows don’t take up inner or outer space make them very worthwhile.